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About Us

At Five Gourmands, chocolate is our passion. From the very start of our chocolate loving journey, we put our customers first and we always strive to bring you the best chocolate the world has to offer.


We pride ourselves in our specialty products sourced from world-renowned chocolatiers, who abide by rigorous ethical sourcing and have talented and dedicated teams of well-acclaimed experts that produce delicious chocolate.


Our Specialty

· We offer the finest chocolates and confections from across Europe.

· We select confections that utilize the best quality ingredients and are ethically sourced.

· We import chocolate and confections from prestigious and well-known chocolate brands, that are known for fusing chocolate with design, style, and art.

· Our range of chocolates and confections are available for different special occasions, seasons, and gifting. We can also fulfill corporate requirements.

· Our diverse assortment of delicious chocolates gives chocolate lovers the opportunity to rediscover moments of happiness and authentic indulgence.


We Bring you the Brands of The World

We specialize in importing chocolates as well as confections from different European countries such as UK, Germany, France, and Belgium. We pick the best quality products that these countries have to offer, and we bring you the very best choice of assortments of chocolate and confections that will surely please even the pickiest chocolate lover. 


From strong bold chocolate to sweet and savoury flavours, we carry some of world’s best brands that produce the finest confections:


· Ickx Belgian Chocolate

· Leonidas Belgian Chocolate

· Maxim's de Paris of France

· Pralibel

· Meynendonckx Chocolatier

· Chocolaterie De Schutter

· Charbonelle and Walker

· House of Dorchester


Let your Chocolate curiosity indulge in some of the world's finest chocolates.

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